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Buried Passives

3M’s C-Ply material’s high capacitive density enables it to perform the power supply decoupling function and eliminate discrete capacitors. This capability makes it especially beneficial for high-end equipment in the telecommunications, computer, test and measurement, military and medicial industries, as well as for handheld electronics, where functionality and size constraints drive design.


Shown is a microsection of a 20 layer Multilayer containing 3 cores of 1.0 mil DuPont Interra embedded capacitance material.


Layers: 18
Blind Vias: 1 – 2    18 – 17
Buried Vias: 2 – 17
Trace/Space: 4 Mil (100 µm)
Capacitors: 2000+


Layers: 18
Blind Vias: Removed All
Material: 1 Core Embedded Capacitance Material
Capacitors: Removed 800+

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